The Runaway Husband

This nightmare is not something that creeps in slowly, predictably, like most relationship endings. No, this is jump-scare, in the middle of everyday life, seemingly out of nowhere. This is the unusual horror of the “Runaway Husband.”

Not much is written about this. There are countless articles of divorce, separation, affairs, addicts, abusers, loveless and sexless marriages. But what if your marriage seemed perfect? What if he was an amazing, attentive and doting father and husband? Trustworthy, humble and agreeable? Honored every sacred vow until one day, in the middle of life, exclaims for the first time: “I have never been happy” and “it’s over” before making Houdini’s infamous disappearing act look like child’s play.

This is a story too many women are familiar with. What makes husbands do this? Where did things go wrong? What were the signs?

There were so much questions left unanswered. Here, as a psychology student, self-help junkie and abandoned wife, I will do my best to share my thoughts on this subject.

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4 thoughts on “The Runaway Husband

    • It’s almost like she took the words out of my mouth. We are beyond devastated, and he just looks at me like he doesn’t know why. I’m only 3 weeks into this nightmare and am hoping he has a wake up to this hell he’s putting me and his children thru.

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  1. My ex-husband of 33 years duration has been gone for 12 years and married to the OW for 10 and still I’m getting over it. I’m a 100% better than it was 12 years ago…. but the scars and questions remain just as much today as back then. For myself and other believers only by the grace of God do you get up and make it through each day as you heal.
    Oddlt, he married someone 9 weeks after our divorce was Final and she is older than him… remarkably kind of looks like his mother used to and he is her fifth and possibly sixth husband. My goodness what kind of match can that possibly be?
    For now I have a good job I live alone with my little cat and there is peace and contentment … and that’s pretty darn good.

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