Narcissism in the Runaway Husband

Exploring clinical Narcissistic Personality Disorder and narcissistic traits in the Runaway Husband. The topic of narcissism is a trend in the growing community of abuse awareness and survivors. As more people speak up about the treatment they have experienced from an abuser, the more light gets shined on the abuser's abnormal patterns. Classic traits that … Continue reading Narcissism in the Runaway Husband

Runaway Husbands and “Mama’s Boys”

If your once loving, doting husband has committed spousal abandonment, and has always had a seemingly odd relationship with his mother- then this post if for you.It should be noted that not all Runaway Husbands fit into this category. Some Runaway Husbands are described as having wonderful parents with no familial issues. With each situation … Continue reading Runaway Husbands and “Mama’s Boys”